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Read And Accept All The Policies

Read And Accept All The Policies

I declare that I have read the Regulations (Terms and Conditions ) and I accept its provisions, I confirm that I have read the terms of participation in Platforms, including plans (mining fund program and Rubik cube program), and accept the fact that there is no obligation to invite new members, the Service Providers do not guarantee profits and there is a risk related to functioning on financial markets and cryptocurrencies, and I also confirm that the basic use of Maw Trade is B2B and as a User I should have such status unless the law states otherwise, and in the absence of such I am aware of the loss of right to withdraw from the contract due to delivery of digital content and situation in which the price and commissions and all other receivables available in the Platforms depend on fluctuations in markets over which the Service Provider does not control. (2)I accept that through registration under this procedure I gain access to all platforms listed in the Regulations (Terms and Conditions). (3)I also agree to the processing of my personal data by Service Providers, for marketing purposes, including providing me with information about products / services and the implementation of the newsletter service at the e-mail address provided by me. Consent is voluntary.